Hi, I’m Justin

Justin Rosenstein

You might feel the pain I do about the suffering of the world, and the knowing that a better world is possible.

To get there, we need effective, ethical collaboration among all people and life.

The failure of systems all around us creates an opportunity to collaboratively redesign our social operating system – technology, economics, governance, and culture – in service of a better life for all.


Broken tech is a symptom of a broken society caught in the grips of an outdated, values-blind, plutocratic economy.

We can do better:


All human progress requires teams of people working together. But teams struggle to achieve their full potential without great tools:



Articles & Videos

The Architecture of Abundance

The news was cause for celebration. Reports for the Autumn cycle had been finalized and were now being read and listened to around the world. Global poverty: down 93% since 2020. Every climate target hit this year, with three unexpectedly surpassed. Topsoil is the healthiest it has been since 1920. At the same time, average work hours had been reduced another 18 minutes to reach 19.2 per week, with 100% employment of those able and willing to work. And perhaps most hearteningly, average global self-reported life satisfaction was up 2% year over year.

In all endeavors, I work to be in solidarity and love with all beings, and to use my privilege in service of a just transition to an equitable ecological society.